Saturday, October 29, 2016

banished soul.......

the free soul
singing to the melodies of the cosmos...
bound by the infinity of the sky..
slyly eluding all the adversities...
embracing all the euphorias.....

the free soul
is now captivated by the mores
dancing to the cliche'd emotions
bound by the ephemeral joys
slowly sinking into the sea of sadness

dear "soul"
moor your ship to the shores of the ocean 'joy'
banish but not the soul hey!
radiate happiness, come what may..
wherever you go, joys and joys you lay
limit your soul not even to the sky
fly, fly and  fly high ................................

banish not the soul , captivate the joys
live!! fly !! go!! and i will follow................

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Am I there?

Who art thou? 

This question makes me wonder my own existence... Do I really exist? If I do exist, where exactly is the locus of my being? 
What if my reality is just an outcome of someone else's imagination, may be, of a higher being.... Or what if I do not exist at all and everything I am experiencing is merely a thought process? Or what if everything is just a form of energy? .. 

Well despite all such thoughts, I do not stop using the word" I ", may be that "I" can be the locus of my existence or may be not... 

No matter whether I exist  for real or not, there are things in my so called life that i cherish and things that i have a strong aversion for.
 Life goes on, it hardly matters what reality really is... 

Am i there? 
Or Am i not? 

Memories, are you for real? 
Hopes, can you light me up? 
Love, are you brave enough? 
Life, are you worth it? 

Memories are energetic enough to bring something into action so is the case with hopes. Memories, we create and we cherish lifelong..... 
Hope keeps us going no matter how hard life is... 
Love is all that we yearn for, love from everyone. Love is a form of energy that gives us wings to fly into the extremes of wonderland... 

..................No matter how hard things are, do not give up your hopes for whatever you endeavour, it will be answered..... There are some things that keep us going.... Hope, love, life, and above all the curiosity to find an answer........ Keep burning ya all''''
.....So Long.....