Friday, September 18, 2015

among the valleys of my imaginations

among the valleys of my imaginations
there are soothing aromas of wild floras
unfurling the memories attached

among the valleys of my imaginations
there blows the gentle breeze
riding that swift wind-horse
i gently get vanished into the horizon

among the valleys of my imaginations
there are places where i sit by a brook
i listen to the melodious melodies it makes
the hurdles of mighty rocks brings forth the melody
the rocks that impede the flow makes the music.
           Things that hinder me in my life makes my life melodious.

among the valleys of my imaginations
i sit by you and every time a new mystery land unfolds,
new memories are moulded, new heights scaled.
among the valleys of my imaginations
your valley is where i believe i belong.

with you by my side,
valleys of my imaginations will grow into valleys of  my life.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


  ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )



i just wish that
wishes had wings
so that i could fly .................................................

fly to the extremes..
oooo man!!!!

wings !

never mind :( :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

why i feel so lost all the time
even though there are so many places where i belong
why there is not a specific purpose of being
although there are so many means to be just alive
why people don't help each other 
when they know they themselves need help all the time
why is there so much money all around
when food is all we can ingest 
why is there so much of whyss in my life..  


but anyways it feels good to be lost 
i can't fathom where  would i be
i can't imagine how would be i be
i love myself to be a RANDOM undefined BEING
(well i think i just defined myself... )

Sunday, June 7, 2015

abode of our memories

smile and that smile
will echo through the mountains of pain
and unleash the joys of beasts
smile, cuz that smile can
liberate the burden of thousand Sisyphus(es).
Smile for that smile smiles through the sorrows,
sorrows of joys, sorrows of sorrows. 

as your smile swifts softly through
the gushes of my violent streams of emotions
they become gentle waves caressing my whole existence.
for only then, i bask in the sunshine of my own-self.

the beauty, of everything when seen standing on
the shoulders of your smiles, becomes
million times more beautiful.

engulfed in the trenches of your smile
i can breathe more, that is the irony of my life.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


beautiful were the times
when all we worried about was 
how to sneak out of the house
without being caught by our parents
playing for long hours 
those were real good times
playing with friends 
friends who had no expectations 
friends with whom we used to fight 
but the very next moment 
we become more than friends - brothers.
No comparisons about the faces
that had to be made just to 
overcome the furious state of the elders
after we did something unworthy 
but then no vengeance, no retaliation

real good times were those
the streams, the lonely roads, the trees,
mountains or anything natural
(all that we NOW find click-worthy or pic-worthy)
used to be FUN-worthy
where we used to play until our body ached
where we used to laugh until our lungs came out
but then none of the acts were fed to our ego. 


when everyone is lost into 
the business of feeding their EGO

why can't we just STOP and start LIVING 
why can't we just UN-grow and become a KID again.

I don't want to grow, if growing is growing my ego.
as always it's easier said than done. :( 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Prayers for Nepal :(

My prayers are with the people of Nepal!
Let there be strength among the folks of Nepal to rise from one of the greatest catastrophe that the world has ever experienced.

law of Karma: so i was wondering if only sentient beings are bound by the laws of karma?  can it be possible that mother earth has a soul in it too? likewise if there are multiverse, or parallel universe, can it be possible that even our universe has got a soul as well? 
Mother earth is so generous, all she does is give, provide, and give! the crux of the matter is what do we give her in return? rather we snatch everything from her and if we continue hurting her, it is obvious that she will get sick!
Although scientists have a say that these are science, these are meant to happen, plate tectonics, continental drifts, I am sure they are correct. But i have a belief that if the collective karma of whole humanity is positive, then what we receive back from mother earth might surprise us. May be what i imply by collective karma is sustainable development! helping people without any expectations, be generous like our mother earth! above all-not to hurt our mother earth so much that she cries in pain.

If our mother earth has a soul in it and if you can listen to my prayers then please forgive us, the humans, for they are immature that they hate each other, for they are naive that they kill each other and other animals, for they are ignorant that they treat you badly, they are at time helpless! I am one among them!
And for us, the humans i have a suggestion! let us be GOOD, Real Good!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

happiness awaits you, the paradox

my 'happiness' is fleeing away
but happiness awaits me
i wonder how! 

when surrounded by the fragrance of your presence
blessed is how i feel.
when i see your smile everytime i touch the eyelids
a smile-back is what i respond with 
but when the eyelids part
misty-eyes is what i find.
i try to cover up the mist 
with the smiles you bestowed upon me
but then my heart becomes misty 
the heart starts pumping tears.
well if happiness awaits me
i shall wait for my 'happiness' as long as it takes. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

let it blossom

you are like the gentle breeze 
that Seduces the leaves 
caressing my imperfections
soothing the agOnies 
carrying me to the abodes of angels 
I would like to stay there forever

your smiles are eNgraved in my memories 
your memories are chiseled in my heart
for the heArt yearns to keep the wounds afresh 
Strange it is to know 
that fallen you are into the abyss of love 
that wounded you are though
you fondly nurture the pain
hoping that the wounds would blossoM
let it blossom 
let its magnificent fragrance pervade all the impediments.
let it blossom. 

Friday, April 10, 2015


happiness is all around

look to your left, -happiness 
look within, -happiness
look with your eyes closed, -happiness
look even without looking, -happiness

i paint the canvas of my life with sorrow 
the canvas was pure, unadulterated
why did i draw only 'sorrow' ?
when drawing 'happiness' was also an option ?
perhaps because out of mud blooms lotus 

at times i feel
----empty endurance leading me to the land of nowhere
but then who cares? when the pain i endure is a pleasure in disguise 

happiness is ephemeral, sorrow is forever 
happiness is subdued by the thirst for more happiness
while sorrow endures and pervades our life 

hey everyone of you!
seize the happiness, freeze the time 
live happily forever, 
so much happily that even 'forever' be just a blink of an eye.
seize infinite happiness,
live infinitely happy,
in the infinite space of joy ,
until the infinity of time. 


Tolstoy said--- "happiness is an allegory, unhappiness is a story"

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

share a smile, the world needs one, needs two, needs many

. .
. .
well . . . . .
well . . . . .
you and i have problems to deal with?
there are sentient beings worrying about what to eat,
there are people struggling for a refuge ,
humans battling to guard themselves from the war of cold
alas! the list goes on 

you and i have a problem to be taken care of? 
problems like how to shed the fats off?
worries like where to wander off for this weekend? 
are you tensed about what to cover your flesh with, for the party? 

you and i can do wonders
and i know you are willing 
an  act of aid be it as trivial as insignificant, can do wonders
when you have nothing to offer 
offer them a penny of smile, 
when you have nothing to feed them with
feed them a teaspoonful of hope mixed with sweets of faith

if you can't help them 
at least help yourself 
your problems are not problems in real sense
your worries are only a matter of perspective 
if you can't help them
at least help yourself to cheer yourself up
and today if you smile 
i have done my part 
now it is your turn to bring a curve on someone else's 
everything in this universe is bridged 
today if you smile 
tomorrow someone else will 
someday everyone will....... 
and may be one day even i might.....

...  the world is forgetting how to smile in the pursuit of comfort, joy, and stability which they hardly acquire because people are forgetting what they are looking for is already there, you just have to unveil it with a smile.... so smile and say "curves".... 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

no otherwise, it's good this way....

resonating with the beauty 
everywhere i wander, i fly
for now as i fly, i need not flap my wings  
for now being here is beautiful
for now being there is alluring
even the absence is full of presence 

a big boon of being bestowed with love
i can't imagine myself otherwise.....
for whatever happens in the days to come
i can't afford to think otherwise 
for all that mattered was you 
for all that matters is you 
for all that will matter is you...
     thankyou.. :)

no otherwise, it's good this way.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

i wish


i was alone
you were accompanied
i was not at home
you were surrounded by best people.
i was helpless
you didn't care at all
or may be you did
but that wasn't enough
i stood for you in the worst of my times
i backed you in all the bittersweet phases of your life
you abandoned me when
i needed you in subtlest of ways
you surrendered when
it was your time to express...
i am happy for your success 
but i am sad for myself...
for all these years 
the dreams i built 
shattered into pieces 

i wish 
  i don't lose the faith in humanity 
  i don't lose faith in myself 
  i start living like nothing matters 
  i start acting like it never was true 
  i wish i never think of you all the time
  i wish i could just hibernate for days, for years..
i just wish and why all the wishes are limited to wishes 
i wish a miracle happens 
i wish that i do not  wish anything at all........

Friday, March 13, 2015

don't get emotionally attached

strength is all I have got
be strong! 

i fought a fight of a great warrior,
for sure there were many barriers...
i resisted the strong emotional tides
i withstood the hurricanes of love
but i gave up, i had to.. 

the winds of change were vehement
dreamy desires subdued the glory of love 
love fell short infront of ambitions.
memories of wonderland ran into no-where-land.

worried i am not, for i gave up all that i had 
i don't have dreams to bait 
but i would have given all that i owned...
imperfect, penniless and helpless i am 
i had only my love to offer

i love you but
don't get emotionally attached.
i miss you but
don't get emotionally attached 
i know attachment ain't good.

be strong my dear 'me' ... you have to help yourself , noone else going to come ..karma is playing its role.. be positive stay strong stay strong stay strong dear 'me' 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

the equilibrium

I have a feeling that the equilibrium of my life has been disturbed!! Chaos!
Who is held responsible for the chaos? The thing that led to the chaos can not be determined!

I am not sure whether to call it a Chaos? or a bliss? or nothing?
It for sure is not a bliss as of now, may be at some point it might turn into a bliss.  Only time has the answer.

When and how does a system of equilibrium disturbed? I can not imagine our earth deviating from its own axis and start with a new orbit? what will happen to our seasons? the beautiful summer, chilly winter, awesome spring and lovely autumn, will those seasons ever exist? or will it be just some winter always? Although I won't complain much if it is always lovely summer.
But I can not imagine something bad, if something like that happens(god forbids), I think we will have a hard time but time will heal everything and hopefully we will cope up and tell our grandchildren nice stories about the beautiful nature, lovely seasons.

So, the equilibrium has been disturbed, i can not do much because any system to be in equilibrium needs more or less equal and opposite reactions to occur( as I studied in chemistry somewhere.)
I wished to be in such an equilibrium that won't be affected by any catalyst no matter how reactant the catalysts are. I also did not wish for a static equilibrium system, i wanted it to be a dynamic one.  but alas the system has been catalysed, time played its roles , the circumstances or the ambience in which the chemical reaction took place played its vital roles. Nothing can be blamed, nothing can't be blamed.

Well equilibrium sure is some thing very nice and rare.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Attachment is not a good thing, neither is complete detachment. 
You have to use your ability to watch (as done in vipassana meditation) attachment and understand it, how it is an impediment for your growth spiritually and otherwise. 
   For it is an illusion that the person (or the thing ) to whom you are attached makes you happy, makes you soulful. There is so much fuss about Soul mates, soul mates might be true but you have to realise that attachment whatsoever will hamper you in the pursuit of real happiness. 
Attachment makes us happy but that happiness is delusional, real happiness is unconditional, real happiness is not only presence of happiness it is also absence of suffering and every conditioned things are of impermanent nature. 
For understanding suffering because of attachment, we can meditate on impermanence. Everything that arises out of certain causes and condition(which means everything, every being) are impermanent. Humans can comprehend only the gross impermanence, to understand the subtler impermanence, we have to meditate on momentariness, which is an outcome of impermanence, it says every thing that arises because of certain causes and condition are changing every moment. 
So if you are attached to someone(or something) at the present moment that someone after some moments, is not the one you got attached neither you are the same person who got attached. 
So everything is of changing nature. Nothing is permanent, every thing is dependently originated. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ultimate reality ! I just am writing something I have in my mind, my understanding of the concept of emptiness. I think if I write down, it is a sort of meditation, it might help me overcome problems in my life that I am facing presently. Also by writing this, I will get to know someday where was I wrong. 

Practice Compassion along with wisdom (that realizes emptiness of intrinsic nature), known as great compassion. Practice tolerance, meditate, use it as a tool to realize emptiness (of inherent nature).

Emptiness is not nothingness, emptiness is empty of inherent nature of things, be it a person or any thing. Emptiness can be explained from theory of interdependence, every thing arises out of certain causes and conditions, if the cause ceases to exist, the effect won't be seen anymore. If everything arises out of causes and conditions , it means everything is dependent, nothing exists of its own! That is what emptiness is all about, emptiness means empty of inherent nature of things and not nothingness. Emptiness can be supported with the great Middle way. Emptiness is not nothingness, nothingness being one of the extremes, and the other extreme is existence (or conventional existence). 
If we believe that every thing exist as it is, we are bound to get attached, we should look beyond (through the wisdom of emptiness). We are in living in such a world as of now. We are attached to people, we are attached to things. This is because you don't see the 'parts' differently, you just grasp the idea of a 'whole' that deceives you into thinking that, that 'whole' has a real existence in space and time. So  clinging to this extreme, we are suffering, we are attached, we are bonded.
     The other extreme, that is 'nothingness,' if you cling to this, (that emptiness is nothingness, nothing is real, nothing is really existing, ) then you are bound to go crazy(hehe or may be something not good).
If emptiness is not nothingness, what is it? Emptiness is the "womb of potential," because of emptiness everything is possible! everything ! Emptiness of emptiness (think) is also possible !
Because of emptiness you can liberate yourself from cyclic existence, from attachment, from ignorance, there is potential in you to become a Buddha yourself. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

you, you are the only one!!

i shine but 
   only with the radiance of your benign love
i exist but 
   only in the world of your endearing memories
i live but
   in the dreams of our togetherness.

your heart is pure           (i know)
your love is gentle         ( i feel)
your heart is generous   (i see) 
your touch is heavenly. (i sense) 

the angels all around-
dare not take her away from me
for she is the reason i breathe 
i breathe in our memories, 
and all i breathe out is my love for her
i feed myself with her care
for people all around 
taste my blood 
that alone will testify
the depth of my words.

you are the one i loved
the one i will, 
the one i adore, 
you, you are the only one!!